Monday, August 1, 2016

Goodbye Guadalajara 73


In the 90’s the soccer team Atlante was located in Mexico City. It had a small group of followers and eventually relocated to a smaller market. My dad used to tell me this joke: "The team Atlante greets their fans at the end of the games…by shaking hands."
Get it?
So here I go, I’m gonna thank you all.
I wasn’t shy about how the lack of feedback of Detective Fausto disappointed me. I wasn’t expecting a huge readership but I wasn’t ready for it to be so low.
If I combined the number of fans on the Facebook page and the fans in, I don’t get even half of that number in visits.
Of those even a smaller group liked, shared or commented my posts and I knew I wasn’t just talking to an empty room.
So (in no particular oderd) thank you to :

The guys of DC Noise Podcast.
The guys of Comic Geekos podcast. 
The guys of Where Monsters Dwell.
Héctor Rodríguez III, creator of El Peso hero. 
Andrés Quezada, comics' artist. 
Maddy Hyper. 
Ian Pérez 
Tu Comic México
Charles C Dowd creator of Lilith Dark
Michael Kinyon
Miss Anthrope. 
Chris Pfeifer. 
Alex Marks.
My editor Joel.
Sorry if I forgot anyone else.