Monday, May 7, 2012

1992 Guadalajara Explosions

On April 22nd 1992, there were explosions on the sewers of Guadalajara, killing 240 people and many more injured. 
I only remember a “BOOM” looking at the sky waiting for something to happen. I was too little to know what was going on.
It wasn’t until years later in school when I learned more. About the gasoline in the underground drainage, the irregularities, the bad politics and how many got injured or died. 
CNN México

I also watched the National Geographic show “Seconds from Disaster” (the episode is in youtube here), watched other news report and read articles.
The event comes up every year on the anniversary, but it’s still a strange distant thing to me.
I’m sure that for all the victims it a vivid memory, the witness know it was a tragedy that could have been prevented it, and the people who were born years later probably don’t take it seriously. 
“Lost son” deals with this part of Guadalajara’s history, is in the past of the characters. Because I want Detective Fausto to tell the story of this city that it’s not used as much in mexican fiction.

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