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Detective Fausto is a webcomic that narrates the life of Fausto Javier, a Private Investigator, living in Guadalajara, México. Although he graduated as lawyer, Fausto never practice, instead, he is lonely P.I.
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01: Blackmail
02: The Cleopatra’s case
03: Missing
04: Paranoia
05: Lost son
06: Paper Wings
07: Bulletproof
08: Goodbye Guadalajara

Volume 01: Blackmail
In his early 30's, He is going through a hard time His ex girlfriend broke his heart, he's living in his office, his mother is sick and he hasn't have a major case in months One night, a friend from high school, recommends Fausto for a job. A blackmail.

A young woman named Olvia, hires Fausto to find her husband and make him pay his gambling debts.

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It’s Christmas Eve and a doctor goes missing. Fausto and his friend Julio try to find him, but things get complicated.
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Volume 04: Paranoia
While investigating a possible spouse infidelity Fausto is accused of murder. Now he has to find the real killers, before they find him.

After a night in jail, Fausto runs into Lucas, an american who wants to find the real Virgin of Guadalupe. At the same time an old woman hires him, because she believes she saw her son who he died In the 1992 explosions.
All this as Fausto has a recurring dream..
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This time Fausto must find who wanted to hurt the star soccer player of the city. Also he’s hired by “Aquaperro” a wrestler looking for answers about his brother’s murder.
At the same time Fausto has a new girlfriend, but how long will this relationship last?
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Viridiana, the daughter one of Fausto’s friends, has gone missing. One night she didn’t come home. Fausto investigates the whereabouts of the girl, but when he finds out the tragic end, getting justice becomes the main goal. In the next to last story of the webcomic, Fausto must deal with the prostitute Olivia Maldonado and rely more on his friend and journalist Julio Alcazar.
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Months after surviving a gunshot to the head, Fausto must choose between justice and revenge. This is it!!! Detective Fausto’s final adventure.
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A brief look at Fausto’s past, his friends and family.
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Art: MoniBolis 
Editor:  Joytrix
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